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It started with a question...

Why are luxury goods desirable? Is it simply because of celebrity endorsement?

We believe that beyond its celebrity status, the secret is in its durability and exquisite design. Quality materials previously only accessible by luxury brands and incredible craftsmenship form the foundation of CXaccessories.

Obsessed with identifying the right materials for products, functionality (lightweight/compartments), durability and style for our everyday carry, CXaccessories is happy to introduce you brands that place strong emphasis in using top quality materials and well designed manufacturing process that do not cut corners just to maximise profits.

We focus only on the vital few – wallet, watch and backpack.


Sustainability – Renowned for its approach using on premium grains of environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather from gold rated tanneries.

Functionality – From re-designing traditional wallets to slim your wallets, Bellroy has now launched Note Sleeve Wallet series with dedicated coin compartments and RFID protection, Travel Wallet series to hold passports, tickets, travel documents, RFID protection, pin ejector, nano sim card and travel pen.

Official Bellroy Travel Wallet
DOM Buttero Burgundy, Whisky, Red, Blue, Green, Black Side smaller

Das Offene Meer Leather

Full grain leather – “Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy. They are well known for their premium vegetable tanned leathers and the beautiful colors they are able to produce. This veg tan leather is their top grade, it is full grain and has a nice balance between supple and firm.” -RM Leather Supply

Impeccable quality and craftsmanship – Michael offers a personal lifetime warranty for his wallets, so stylish that it was named Most Innovative Product of 2016 by BestLeather.org, so durable that when scrapped by pocket knife, the wallet was restored using only leather honey


CXaccessories endorses environmentally friendly manufacturing approach, and is committed to contributing 5% of all net proceeds to cost effective top Charitable organisations audited and verified by Givewell, a non profit organisation.

Buying from us not only assures you that your minimal and functional product are made using materials build to last, sustainable, a small portion also help to support our cause to donate to those who really need the money, where a small amount makes a big change.

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